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Connecting Asa with Slack

How to get started with Slack

You can use Asa bot in Slack, and it is free! You will require:
An existing Slack account
Team owner permissions in the Slack channel you wish to use Asa

Connecting your workspace to Asa (One time setup by Admin)
Install Asa through the Slack app directory
Log in to your Slack account
Choose a Slack channel to link Asa bot to, this is where your team members can clock in and out

Your Slack team is now connected with your Asa company! The Asa bot will send a welcome message so that your employees can sign up for the service

Users of the company can now follow the bottom steps to set up their personal account

Setting up your personal account with Asa
Type /connect in your private conversation with Asa on Slack

Asa will prompt you to log into your existing Asa account or create a new account

After logging in, select the company you want to link Asa to

You will see a notification on the website that you have successfully linked your personal Asa account to your slack account

Asa bot will also send you a message on slack to let you know that your Asa account has been linked to Slack and that you can see the available commands by typing /help

Your connection status to Asa will be updated if your have successfully set this up

Updated on: 27/08/2022

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