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Connecting Asa with Microsoft Teams

Installing Asa Team on Microsoft Teams

Click here to install your personal Asa bot on Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams Store

Click Add to install Asa

Asa will send you a welcome message, to connect your account, use the command connect to link your Teams account to an Asa company
Connect command

Click the Connect to Asa button and you will be brought to the Asa website to sign in
Asa sign in page

After signing in, choose an Asa company to link your account to, this will be the company you will be able to clock in and out from

New users can also choose to create a company at this stage by clicking the dropdown menu

Click Link Company and you will receive a notification from Asa that your account is successfully connected

Congratulations, your Asa bot is now fully set up!

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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