Web Interface

Introduction to Asa Team's interface on the Web


Dropdown Menu

Company Dropdown Menu

Switch between your different companies or create a new company using this dropdown menu

Punctuality Card

Punctuality Card

From a glance, you will be able to tell if all your employees have clocked in for the day and if they are punctual
Hover over a member's punctuality status to view their first clock in of the day

Task Card

Task Card
Keep track of the daily deliverables with the task card in order to let your employer know your daily progress

Mood Card

Mood Card

Keep track of you and your team's daily mood to ensure that everyone is coping well


Daily Timesheet
Weekly Timesheet
Monthly Timesheet

Monitor employee working hours with our detailed timesheets, which allow you to see the hours they have worked as well as the total hours worked by viewing the daily, weekly and monthly charts.

Monthly working hours can be exported via CSV
Exported CSV File



View monthly statistics on your Company
Switch between different types of charts

Employee mood data is only displayed as company averages for privacy


General Settings

Add/remove members
Add/remove admins
Update company settings including working hours and grace period for clocking in
Delete the company

Amendment Requests

Request the admin to add clock ins/outs that you missed
Admins can accept/decline requests in this page

Integration Settings

Connect Asa with external platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Telegram
View connection status of external platforms
Disconnect external platforms


Account Settings

Set preferences
Edit account information


Live chat
Social media links

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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